‘Hats for the Homeless’ initiative helps those in need gear up for winter

As temperatures continue to drop, the need for hats and gloves grows. One local group is making sure everyone stays warm during the winter. Gloves, scarves and mittens. All are winter necessities¬† “I could make a few hats, couple pairs of mittens and help out and then I thought well jeez I must have a couple of friends that could do that,” said Hats for the Homeless Bangor Director Louise Cunningham. A couple friends grew to a hundred, then to three hundred. Now Cunningham has the whole world knitting for a cause.¬† “Japan, Thailand, England, New Zealand. Those are the four that stand out to me,” said Cunningham. The Bangor Hats for the Homeless initiative started five years ago after a Bangor PD Facebook post. They were receiving a lot of winter donations, and needed help organizing them all……..¬† Read more and watch the video here courtesy of Fox 22 Bangor