Board of Directors

The Bangor Area Homeless Shelter (BAHS) is a non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of community members from the greater Bangor area. Board members come from the professional and business community and bring a wide range of skills and experience to BAHS. The Board of Directors is committed to the BAHS’s mission and vision and fulfills its responsibility by setting direction and policy for the organization and advocating on behalf of the people we serve.

Board Members Year Joined
Lisa Neal Shaw – President 2019
Pat Kimball – Vice President 2019
Lyndsey Violette – Treasurer 2023
Jenny Gage- Executive Secretary 2019
Carolyn Dorfman 2019
Dan Saunders 2021
Maulian Dana 2021
Larry Geaghan 2022
William Nealley 2023
Dr. Jim Clarke 2022
Jason Bird 2021
JR Mitchell 2022
Mishael Romanelli 2022
Boyd A. Kronholm, LSW-Executive Director 2016